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About the data

SORD contains three types of data: (1) PRE-MATRICULATION DATA, (2) MEDICAL SCHOOL YEARS DATA, and (3) POST-GRADUATION YEARS DATA. Data starts with the class of 2004, unless otherwise noted. The pre-matriculation data file contains demographic information and academic information (e.g. undergraduate course work, MCAT scores) on students prior to entering medical school. The pre-matriculation data is submitted once per academic year after enrollment. The medical school data file contains course information, USMLE scores and other assessment data for students while they are enrolled in medical school. The course information is submitted two times per academic year (end-of-Fall and end-of-Spring). Other assessment data are submitted once per academic year. The post-graduation data file contains residency data. Currently, the file contains match data and program director's questionnaire data. Data are submitted once per academic year for the prior year's class. For more information on the data in SORD please contact Dr. Jorie Colbert-Getz ( jcolber2@jhmi.edu ).