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Date Deliverable
Febrary 1, 2006 Project Starts
March 15, 2006 System and application architecture design and installation completed; database and meta-data structure completed
April 30, 2006 Proto-type (preliminary evaluation)
May 31, 2006 User Interface design completed (usability test by contractor)
June 30, 2006 Data QA and integration procedures completed (data QA test by QA contractor)
July 1, 2006 *Data loading starts
July 1, 2006 Reporting function starts
August 15, 2006 Alpha test (system QA test by QA contractor)
September 15, 2006 Beta test (peformance QA test by QA contractor; selected user test organized by the faculty coordinator))
October 15, 2006 Acceptance test
November 30, 2006 Production release of Version 1.0
December 15, 2006 Refinement and enhancement
December 31, 2006 All procedures and documentation completed

*Data importation will occur in stages:

  1. Examine individual data source to determine the correct data format conversion, design and build internal data tables for each data source. Concurrently, create loading procedures to ensure consistency and reliability.
  2. Store initial imported data files in designated data tables in their original formats so that they are available for future reference, if needed.
  3. Perform first data quality assurance check. It includes, but is not limited to, special characters that may cause errors, data duplication, data reformation and standardization (date, time, identification, etc).
  4. Create tables and a data insertion process on the staging database that maps to the original data tables.
  5. Perform the second quality assurance check to ensure the availability and functionality of report generation;
  6. Add data to the production database.